Survivor Testimonials

I was from a broken home. My mom was a drug addict.  Being with the horses helped me realize I had hope. But I learned who God was and how much he loved me. Being with the horses was the best time of my life. They gave me peace in my heart that my life could turn out good and not like my home life.


Color of Hope has helped though so much in my life, I would not be where I am today. I am a stronger woman today than I have ever been in my life it took me going though the program to realize that I was emotionally going though stuff in my life that I could not control and didn’t even know it. I started the program with Jodie and she has helped me become a better person and the person I am today.


Colors of Hope helped me realize I can get through what I was going through and I’m not alone. Horse make me happy.


My life was stuck. My childhood growing up was really tough and I bounced around from home to home. I was sexually abused from a very young age.  I was running from my troubles and found myself running to a male, alchohol every time life got hard. Colors of Hope Program showed me my self worth and who I was in Christ Jesus. Working with the horses was amazing and made me transform my way of thinking and how I made choices in life. Horses and God saved me.


I am so honored to have walked the Colors of Hope Path. I was able to face my fears of many years of abuse and come out the other side restored, healed and feeling loved by God. Before Colors of Hope I felt useless as a mom, wife and human.  This program gave me hope for a happier future!

Age 35

Colors of Hope really helped me combat Satan and helped with all the trauma I’ve been through! Working with horses in the way we do in the program and the love of Jesus has restored me in ways I cannot explain and has gotten me through all my trauma thank you

Age 12

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