Our Equine Restoration Program will take the survivors from a story of Trauma to a heart filled with Transformation.

Sex trafficking is the second most profitable illegal crime in the world generating $32 Billion annually, topped only by narcotics. A child goes missing roughly every 44 seconds in the United States alone.

Children in the U.S. Currently Lost to Slavery

Children in the U.S. at Risk of Becoming Sex Slaves

Living in Sexual Slavery Around the World


Colors of Hope’s objective is to be one of the world’s leading Equine Restoration, Enrichment, and Empowerment Programs for organizations around the globe who rescue individuals affected by sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We seek to develop the most effective, educational and redemptive equestrian experiences and personal transformations in the world.

Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Program is partnered with organizations globally and together are Educating, Empowering and Enriching the lives of individuals affected by sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

Kindness Matters – Here’s How You Can Help…


The complexity of peeling back layers of the human soul is sensitive and traumatic and we’ve designed our Equine Restoration Program to mirror that process and certify equine facilities & leaders on a global scale.


Your contribution to our Equine Dream Projects will be used to educate leaders, empower the rescued and enrich the survivor. Every donation regardless of size, paves the road to redemption for a victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking.


There are many ways to support our mission at Colors of Hope and volunteers play a vital role in our program. If you have time and talent you would like to share with us, we would love to have your join our volunteer family!


Our Team Members

Diddy Nadhiri

Diddy assists in the marketing and publications of Colors of Hope, he is incharge of the website and social Media management. Diddy was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya and later on moved to Nairobi where he now reside and conduct his...

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Dennis and Molly

Dennis, native Kenyan and wife Molly Obundu, native Britain, lived in Mombasa, Kenya. Molly worked with disabled children in their village and Dennis delivered safe drinking water to a local school and orphanage/feeding program. They have...

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William assists in the daily tasks of Colors of Hope, and is dedicated to ensuring all our girls are well cared for. William lost his parents at very young age and was raised in a christian orphanage. He grew up with Christ centered in...

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