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“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven.”
– Matthew 5:16

Annie Saad

I grew up in beautiful Washington State. I was the youngest (and only girl) of 3 brothers so my youth was evenly split between keeping up with the boys and living from my little girl heart. I find immense joy in getting outside, embracing life’s adventures, and building lasting relationships. Whatever I do, I bring my whole heart, eyes to see the full potential and a mindset that won’t stop until it’s achieved. God gives you the desires of your heart and he won’t stop – if you don’t.

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

This, Is the truth I strive to bring, wherever I go.

I am now a mom of 3 little ones and a blessed wife to my forever groom, Jessie. More than any season in my life, being a mom is what allowed me to grow and become the woman I never knew was within me. In that time, I lost myself, found my heavenly father, and stepped into my true identity as his beloved daughter.

The revelation and journey of taking back my identity didn’t start with a beautiful awakening. It began with struggle, tears, loneliness – it was a series of breaking down walls to open my heart. It was one night, when I felt so broken and alone, that God was able to walk right in and wrap his arms around me, it was that moment, that changed the course of my life and fight, forever.

When you allow your walls to break down so your heart can feel, you will hear and see more clear, all the things you couldn’t when you were trying so hard to keep it all together by keeping others out – even your daddy, God.

Colors of Hope restoration program has God’s stamp of approval, and those working for COH have done the work to restore their own hearts and continue to do the work to stay rooted in a strong foundation, so they can equip and walk with others’ in their journey, from broken and defeated to renewed and restored.

The more hearts COH continues to restore, the further the ripple reaches to give the same renewed hope to the lives that desire more than where they are. COH cultivates a team that supports and stands with you to remove the roadblocks in your path and each time the world tries to pull you back down, they boost you up to use that opposition as a footstool to keep going higher.

I am proud to stand with a community that is fighting and breaking chains for those sitting in the darkness, so we can cross bridges together into the heavenly kingdom calling each of us up, by name.

There is a quote that says

“your meaning in life is finding your gift, and your purpose is giving it away.”

I stand with Colors of Hope to restore hearts so it will spread further and create wholeness in families, communities, and nations.

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