Jodie Webb

Jodie was a victim of sexual abuse and trafficking as a child. She and her family were surrounded by the ranch and rodeo way of life.  Horses played an intricate role in her upbringing and God has used them to provide comfort and healing on her journey to restoration. The pain of her abuse is now a story of redemption and Jodie believes that for every individual, who has suffered from the emotional torment caused by sexual abuse and sex trafficking, can be restored by connecting God, equine, and this program!

Through the Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Certification Program participants will be given assignments that, over time, will progressively transform and rehabilitate their spirit, soul, and body, providing them with a foundation for a stable future.

He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge.

Psalm 91:4

Our Team Members

Robert Ssejjemba

Robert Ssejjemba Robert Ssejjemba was born in Kampala Uganda and grew up there until he was 22. He played soccer for his national team and then moved in to play 4 years professionally in the United States. He has his Masters in Business...

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Juliette Dugger

Rags…to a richly woven tapestry. “Juliette’s childhood story may sound common…her outcome is not.” As a young Texan girl I had a pretty normal childhood with my share of dysfunction thrown in. Once I reached adolescence my ‘normal’...

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