Joanna Hall

For so long I functioned out of fear and resentment that I begin to sabotage every good thing in my life including joy, hope, reality, dreams,  and even my faith. I had become comfortable in the uncomfortable. So much so that I would even defend the uncomfortable in order to avoid conflict or change. Withdrawal and avoidance were my defense when things got tough. I had become accustom to the fact that change is hard, usually hurtful and never ends well for me. I couldn’t see past my own defeat. How was I going to get out of this? I was desperate, I was hungry for change. Though I was a born again Christian at an early age and knew that God was real I never really allowed Him in. I never gave Him complete control. I would always “say” that God was in control but when life got tough I would take the lead and run as fast and furious as I could away from Him. I was failing miserably. I was not at all in control. I had to fall flat on my face and lose everything to start by looking in the right direction. I decided to look up as there was nowhere else to look. Then, with a step of faith I reached up.

There came a time when I decided that my future would either consist of continual dwelling in the trenches where I currently found myself or I would have to learn to live life as God truly intended. I wanted to REALLY LIVE whether I was in the valley or I was on the mountain top. At that moment I mentally changed from victim to victor. It took me over thirty years to realize that there was a true difference in knowing God’s word, acknowledging that God was real and occasionally speaking God’s word to having a one on one true relationship with my Master and Creator. A real relationship! With my Father! There were so many things that I tried to control my whole life and so many empty spaces that I tried to fill with fake love. All of them fell void until I began to walk hand in hand with my Jesus and invite the Holy Spirit to really change my heart. Today God is my foundation in everything that I do.

I have so many untold stories today of both tragedy and triumph. I have walked through fire itself and been removed from situations that I surely should not have survived.  Even before I could see change and long before I could feel change I would speak it into existence out loud. I want to give hope. I want to give life. I want to show others how to truly live from the inside out. I want to bring people to the foundation where they can find healing and restoration. Love God and Love yourself. Life is too short to experience anything else but greatness. You can’t take back yesterday and you can’t change your past. Let if form who you are today. Let God mold you into the beautiful creation that he created you to be. You are perfectly and wonderfully made. Own it and start to live this way. As a daughter of the King you deserve nothing but His very best. Grasp on….It’s YOURS!

Joanna is married to her husband Joe and together they have three beautiful daughters, two handsome sons, and three adorable grandbabies!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

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