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A recent government commissioned survey found that more than 53% of children in India are subjected to sexual abuse.

Estimates put the number of females in prostitution in India between 2 and 3 million, many of whom are children. These sex-trafficked minors live in squalid conditions in the red light districts of major cities, servicing multiple clients a day.

According to an estimate from 2014, only 5-6% of rape cases in India are reported to the police. Few states in India have tried to estimate or survey unreported cases sexual assault.

Meet Team India


Suzie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and has additional skills in stenography and technical skills. She has 20 years of working experience in a social NGO logged 45,600 hours of working, doing everything related to correspondence,...

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Mohan is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, having 7 years of experience worked in a local granite factory. He has a passion to serve the local communities during his free time. He also enjoys empowering the communities through...

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A nurse by profession, Induja, is part of our team always willing to help us during medical outreaches in the surrounding villages. During her free time she also gives home tuitions to the poor children, imparting basic education. Apart...

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Rama is a committed member of our team who has done her basic education and continues to impact the needy local communities by reaching out to serve them. She is a homemaker and has three children, one son, who is disabled, and two...

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Being a part of the team, Sunitha is actively involved in her village helping the women with self-help groups and empowering them to self sustainability. Besides this, she also runs a grocery store in the village with the basic...

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Jyothi has a Bachelors Degree in Arts and is also a trained nurse. During her free time she also assists in community development programs, such as Women and Child Welfare activities. She has two daughters, aged 12 & 14. She provides...

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Director pf Ashakiran (Ray of Hope) Ravi is equipped with seven years of experience in Social Activism for rural areas. He carried out his father’s vision to play a formative role in Community Development for the underprivileged sections...

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