Equine Retreat FAQs

Are your retreats for the public?

No Colors of Hope Retreats are for the leaders of Sexual Abuse Organizations, Sex Trafficking Safe House leaders, Church Leaders, Equine Facility Leaders or any Facility Leaders who work with the trauma of sexually abused or sex trafficked girls and women.

Do you offer retreats on site of the client?

We only offer Leadership Retreats specific times of the year at our designated retreat locations.

Can I volunteer to help with a retreat?

Yes you can volunteer at a retreat. Please contact us for more information at info@colors-of-hope.org.

Can male and female leaders attend our Leadership Retreats?

Yes both male and female leaders can attend our Leadership Retreats.

Do you have Retreats for Individuals?

While we do not offer retreats for individuals we have partnered with Fellowship of Kindreds. Fellowship of Kindreds has retreats throughout the year and you can contact them at info@colors-of-hope.org

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