Sex Trafficking

"Human trafficking is the 2nd largest international crime industry. It reportedly generates a profit of $150 billion every year."

Colors of Hope

Sex Trafficking

When it comes to sexual abuse, the problem is more common than one might think. And, because less than half of sexual abuse is reported, it could be more prevalent than most people are willing to admit.

Therefore, it is important to carefully consider sexual abuse, and how to stop it. 1 in 4 Girls. 1 in 6 Boys. The numbers are staggering.

The best prevention is education. It is important for children, teens, and adults to understand that sexual abuse is wrong and that it can encompass a variety of sex acts, and that fear, impaired judgment (due to drugs, alcohol or mental state) and coercion can lead to sexual abuse, even though the victim may not actively resist.

We’re here to Create Awareness, Break the Cycle, Restore Identity & Activate Prevention through our Equine Restoration Program.

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The heartbeat of Colors of Hope is to create a place filled with life, an arena for growth, a culture of healing, a platform for restoration and a promise of new beginnings.

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Our Mission “Through our Equine Restoration Program we offer those affected; a light through the darkness, hope through the pain

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