Our Mission

"Through our Equine Restoration Program we offer those affected; a light through the darkness, hope through the pain and a voice through the silence."

Colors of Hope

Our Mission

Colors of Hope’s objective is to provide a program that offers multiple avenues of Education, Empowerment, and Enrichment while creating a culture of Healing and complete Restoration through a community of serving others.
We seek to develop the most effective, educational and redemptive equestrian experiences and personal transformations in the world.
Colors of Hope is dedicated to preventing individuals from returning to sexual abuse, sex trafficking and a lifestyle of trauma. All Colors of Hope Programs, as well as The Equine Restoration Program, is designed to intricately walk through peeling back the layers to support the survivor and equip leadership for a multitude of organizations and covering every industry.

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What We Stand For

The heartbeat of Colors of Hope is to create a place filled with life, an arena for growth, a culture of healing, a platform for restoration and a promise of new beginnings. 

Sex Trafficking

“Human trafficking is the 2nd largest international crime industry. It reportedly generates a profit of $150 billion every year.” Colors

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