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How we do it

Equine Restoration takes a victim through the process of peeling back layers, a journey to find permanent healing, discovery of their voice and moves THEM from TRAUMA to TRANSFORMATION.

You can support us by donating to Colors of Hope. Every single dollar helps us support,
educate &  pave the road to redemption for victims of sex trafficking, sexual abuse & trauma

Together we can restore hope & save lives

To provide a program that offers multiple avenues of Education, Empowerment, & Enrichment while creating a culture of Healing & complete Restoration through a community of serving others. 

We're taking the Bull by the Horns & Changing Statistics

Sex trafficking is the second most profitable illegal crime in the world generating $32 Billion annually, topped only by narcotics. A child goes missing roughly every 44 seconds in the United States alone.


in the United States are living in slavery

Homeless Youth

in USA are at Risk of Becoming Slaves

0 million

living in sexual slavery around the world

Kindness is powerful & Hope is Here

Educate Leaders.

Colors of Hope is dedicated to preventing individuals from returning to sexual abuse, sex trafficking and a lifestyle of trauma. All Colors of Hope Programs, as well as The Equine Restoration Program, is designed to intricately walkthrough peeling back the layers to support the survivor and equip leadership for a multitude of organizations and covering every industry.

Empower the Rescued.

We believe in the horse as much as the human because the horse is a God-given tool that reflects so much into the human soul. The soul is where growth & restoration begin and where our true identity develops.

Enrich The Survivor.

The heartbeat of Colors of Hope is to create a place filled with life, an arena for growth, a culture of healing, a platform for restoration and a promise of new beginnings.

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Do you have a heartbeat for healing? Want to know where to start or where you can make a real difference to those who need it the most?

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Every donation paves the road to redemption. Every dollar creates an avenue of restoration. Your donations are building a safe space to take those who have trauma to a life filled with transformation. Every donation matters. Every donor becomes a part of our story.

We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit & your contribution will be used to educate leaders, empower the rescued & enrich the survivor.



There are many ways to support our mission at Colors of Hope and volunteers play a vital role in our program.

If you have time and talent you would like to share with us, we would love to have your join our volunteer family!

Will you be a part of our story?

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Jodie Webb

Our Founder & International Director of Colors of Hope Board Member & President Colors of Hope, Founder & International Director, Founder & Vice President Kings

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Joanna Tones Colors of Hope Founder

Joanna Tones

Our Founder & National Director of Colors of Hope Board Member & Vice President Colors of Hope, Founder & President Kings Gate Ranch “And we

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Our USA Team

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We won’t stop until every heart is rescued, redeemed & restored!

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